March 2, 2012

Friday Motivation: You WILL DO THIS

There will be more than a few people reading this who are now into the last month of serious prep for Ironman South Africa. That video is for you. This month is the most important month and what you do in this month will determine your day in Port Elizabeth. In April, we sharpen but in March, we build the sword.

For those who think it’s plain sailing, it is not. I am pretty sure I will not be the only one in the office tomorrow morning (yes, Saturday) for a few hours before heading out for a long session. That is just how it rolls at the moment. We make sacrifices and we make them count. It`s what makes the journey.

These commitments should be fun and the compromise should not be that hard. Simply, that’s what it takes. Sure, normal may not apply. Who wants to be normal anyway. Mediocrity is for the weak. We are opting in on mileage, pain, compromise, risk, trust and expense. This is not a tickling competition. This is Ironman.

It requires us to learn to be calm in the storm, to find the moment and enjoy it. It teaches us economy, self belief and above all teaches us to weather the storm. If that’s all you learn from your training and you don’t make it to the finish line then I believe that’s enough.

You will do this. You will be a better person for this. Let that be a part of the reason you are out there tomorrow. Let that be a part of the realisation out there. No bailing, no pulling the plug. You may fail but by being the person who is at least willing to fail, you are a hero in my books.

Ride smart, ride hard. Remember out there… ride for show, run for dough.

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