March 19, 2012

Learning by listening

Every now and again, you have to change the formula a little. How we learn to adapt the formula depends largely on how we are willing to listen to the smart people around us. You do have smart people around you, right?

Take a moment to think about every piece of absolutely incredible advice you have received.

How much of that advice is implemented in your life right now?

Today, I got some valuable information from a smart guy I trust immensely. This is my bootcamp week – where I attempt to pile in economy before the big race in 5 weeks time. I have to work and see how much I can squeeze, time wise, to practise this economy, out on the roads.

Simple, not easy.

But listening to the advice this morning, I realised I needed to rethink the bootcamp week, and make some adjustments to get the most out of the week, possibly with a little less volume in there as well. I am moving well at the moment and all I am looking for is economy of movement this time around. Fitness seems good and form is lying underneath a blanket of fatigue, waiting for the peak and taper weeks.

First, be prepared to ask the tough questions, when it comes to listening.

Of course, tough questions come with tough answers sometimes. Be prepared for those too. Let the ego go a little and remember to breathe and at least try to accept that you may have work to do, things to change and compromises to make.

Make sure you are listening for trends and things that are repeated. You are reflecting something and make sure to be particularly aware of these scenarios. For me, they always have to do with time. I am always having to pull back and make sure I have time for nothing.

It sounds so simple, but so many of us don’t really listen to what is fairly obvious to others but often, lost to ourselves. Make a list of 5 people you should listen to and invite them each for a coffee in the next 10 days. Make lists of the advice they have given and build that into a summary, something to keep in your handbag / laptop bag / fridge and refer to it often.

Wash, rinse and repeat for epic times ahead.

As the week goes and I get my “fatigue on” I usually get filled with energy and clear visions for the future, so expect more blogging this week from me. I have been a little quiet but it doesn’t mean I haven’t missed writing.

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