March 29, 2012

Cobbles Time

Its that time of the year when my favorite cobbled classics roll around. Flanders, Roubaix and into the Amstel Golds where a rider must conquer a thousand little leg-sappers before raising his arms for victory at the end of a 7 hour ride.

I love the classics for their history, the honor the men take with them to the playing field and the heroics we see on the day, when men risk everything to beat their absolute best on the day. It’s proper boys stuff and I sit on the absolute edge of my seat the entire race, jumping up (flawlessly without spilling a drop of the Belgian beer in my paw) when the moves happen and the crashes occur.

I’ts inspirational stuff, this time of the year.

That attack is pure power. Boonen asleep in 2010 as #Fabsclinic was in full force.

Now some images to fuel the fire… CLICK HERE.

Flanders on Sunday…

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