April 10, 2012

Declining the offer.

Recently, I have been attempting to lessen the workload on my shoulders. This year has been filled with opportunity and with that, you sometimes feel that you do not want to miss out on any of them. This leads to a tired Ninja dragging his feet through the door in the evenings, feeling overburdened and not really loving the world.

It means I don’t sleep as well as I should and that training does not go according to plan all the time.

In the end, declining offers is a part of life, and something many of us completely suck at. In the last week, I have declined a few offers on the table, some of them long standing, in order to free up some head space and clear some time. Its a scary thing turning away easy opportunities, but empowering to work with the best people for your personal brand too. At some point you have to stop taking on work and refine that work to being the best value for your hourly input. Sure, you could have 20 clients who pay smaller amounts, but what if you had 5 clients who gave you the space to be the best version of yourself for a little less overall money this year, but bought into your long term plan.

You would avoid burn-out, give them the best service and long term make more money, have more time and come up with better ideas.

By declining the short term offer and taking the bigger picture view, you`ll have a future, and instead of money, you`ll be building wealth.

Declining offers and turning down work is often the best thing you can do for yourself.

Work out a scale that works for you for the hours you need to input and the output, financially, that you`ll be rewarded for. Settle on a value that works for you, long term. Anything that requires more work or less pay should be cut out. Stand up for what you believe you are worth and only do work that inspires you on every level.

So simple, right?

The application is not quite as easy. It takes practice. Like you, I am still learning.

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