April 12, 2012

Want to be World Champion?

Yesterday, one of the hardest working athletes I know, James Cunnama, pulled the pin on Ironman South Africa. Along with Raynard Tissink, they represent the only real international Ironman athletes we have. They are both world leading guys and often I am asked what it takes to get there, to where they are.

It’s a huge effort. The 8% between them and where I am asks for more then double the volume and 100% commitment to the cause. I found some videos that accurately represent what it takes. One of the hardest workers in the sport, Crowie, had a training day documented which would represent a big day out for them.

Let me translate what you are about to watch:

180km bike ride with IM pace intervals in the last 1/3rd of the race, at 2500m altitude. Back end intervals are 40km/h plus with intervals totaling 40km. Includes a 25km climb.

Then 10 x 1.65km run intervals on a loose surface.

First interval at 3:27 per kilometer.

Last interval at 3:16 per kilometer.

If you think that’s followed by an off day, think again. The day after:

30km run in the morning.

Followed by a swim.

Followed by track in the afternoon.

You think you have what it takes?

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