April 16, 2012

Breathe Out Warriors

For the time is here.

For months, you have held your breath in anticipation of this week. Persisted through niggles, through the moaning of friends, family and loved ones. Worked yourself to the bone, cutting out wants and focusing on needs, compromising on things you used to know and now, it’s all here. Don’t expect a ray of light from the heavens above and for it all to make sense. No, this week is the most confusing of all.

Taper week is filled with doubts, frights and possibly, some amazing moments of effortless movement before race day. Train less than you think you should, eat less than you have become accustomed to and stop worrying about the race, the weather and the other people.

Breathe out warriors. It’s all about to become very real. Remember to enjoy the week because I know the finish line will never be enough for you. The week is everything it promises to be if you know to look out for the signs. As I lay in the doctors office this afternoon, I couldn’t fall asleep, despite being left on my own for 45min. For the past 12 weeks, if I stopped typing email for just long enough, I would possibly nod off.

That’s a sure-fire sign that the energy is coming back.

Be sure to cut back on caffeine this week as you are probably a mainline-espresso-junkie by now. Watch the sugar cravings and ready yourself for a hell of a ride, because currently, the weather is saying we are in for a doozy but thankfully, we are all in it together.

Breathe out warriors, this is a helluva week. Get your admin done early. Remove the hassles early. Clear the mind and really appreciate what is going on with you this week. It’s the final straight. Breathe out…

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