May 4, 2012

Memento Mori

It’s been a big week I tell you. We have a few huge projects that are due shortly and it’s that interesting time between doing what’s possible and managing what clients want thrown in as extra. We are so used to getting extra things thrown in as the norm nowadays. Upgrades in food sizes, a free 20 Vitamin-C tablets with your Omega-3’s, etc. So why should this not be the norm here, at work. It’s the fine balance between keeping this expectation in check and delivering the perfect product for a paying client. We work together on the final solution and its always a slightly morphed solution compared to the original envisioned one. I truly enjoy this process. Moving from impossible to possible and being the Mr Wolf is something I really enjoy.

Life is like that. It moves, it morphs and we have to go accordingly, no matter how well we try and predict the outcomes. We have to be adaptable, we have to re-work the solutions and we have to move through the molasses at times, but as we learn to work out which fences are electrified, where the grass is slippery and which cows we can safely prod, we get better at making decisions that help is morph along a little smoother.

I was going through a blog Kristian the plucky Aussie wrote and two things struck me today:

If we have 4000 weeks, on average, I have about 8 years to go till I`m half way there. I certainly do not plan on spending the 2nd half of my life working as hard as the first half, so I better hurry the hell up and get my stuff sorted. If we look at the Memento Mori phrase, it’s vital to remember that you should plan to live a long life. Plan accordingly, work accordingly so that you don’t spend the majority of your 4000 weeks (I am planning on 6000 at least) behind your PC grafting your rear off for The Man.

Work and play are taught to us to be separate things, and that many suffer who want to combine their passions. This is often because we have spent our lives equipping ourselves not for our passions, but for prestige. Prestige is dressed up. Its fossilized inspiration. Yet we spend most of our lives gearing up for it. The world needs more people to do what they love. Or maybe it is just South Africa, where were were taught to be doctors, lawyers or accountants to make sure we were ok in life. Ok? Ok?

Give yourself permission to play and to combine work and play. Your gifts are needed. Live now. In a year, you`ll look back and be upset that you didn’t start today.

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