May 7, 2012

I love camp

I am a big fan of camp. No secrets. I believe that if they are done correctly, and infrequently enough, they offer massive benefit for age groupers. I missed my camp before IMSA this year and without a doubt, felt it on race day. There is a spring that comes in your step if you taper correctly off training camp. At the moment, life is returning to my legs, my heart and my mind. I am considering the next races, places, things and adventures. There are a few in the front of my mind. 3 of them are organised training camps where you are given the absolute luxury to push beyond the physical limits.

The video sets the tone.

Personal, extreme, adventure, beauty.

The simple luxury of being able to focus entirely on athletic performance for a week is a gift to a guy like me. Turn off the distractions, the noise, the email, the commitments, the pressures and the responsibilities for a week. Get on your bike or put on your shoes and see how far you can push it, physically, not for one day, but for a week. It’s the getting through day 3 that kills, when you are so tired you don’t want to eat breakfast but get on your bike and smash out 5-8 hours of riding to finish strong, finish a believer in your own ability.

If you want to believe in yourself, put yourself under pressure.

Nobody has utter belief in the guy who plays it safe and never risks blowing up.

I love camp because it gives us all the opportunity to be heroes.

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