May 25, 2012

Flight of the Frenchies

Every now and again, I come across something that blows my mind. This video was one of those things. The total carefree attitude and complete disregard for safety struck a chord with me in how much we have riding on every decision we make.

At Sani2c last week, which I know I owe a race report on, my partner lamented on how decision had changed for him. He has two beautiful daughters, a wife, a business which supports them and due to these factors he no longer bombs down singletrack descents with quite the same carefree attitude. He has something riding on that sketchy corner down there. Sure, possibly making the corner excites him, but his priorities are different now.

The video struck me because for some people, complete freedom is their priority. Their commitments to rent, love, family, responsibilities fall way below the commitment to scaring themselves into submission.

Of course they are scared – that’s why they do it. If it didn’t prickle every hair on their body they wouldn’t be out there pushing the limits – it would be totally ego based and not nearly as carefree.

Enjoy the video. Enjoy your commitments and responsibilities because they affect every decision you make. Every single one down to which coffee you buy. They are the basis for how you progress through life, so make sure you love them and they give you joy!

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