May 30, 2012

Who are you?

Today is my 1000th post. It got me thinking what has been achieved through writing 1000 pieces for an audience I largely do not know…

To be perfectly honest, I do not write for you. I write for me. Because I believe we all go through the same problems, have the same questions and are subject to the same fears, the content applies to you too, of course. Urban Ninja is written for me, by me, so that I can improve my own life, find my own happiness and hunt that elusive ellipsis I talk about so much. Selfish little bugger, but hey, if I cannot teach myself, I am never going to teach anyone else.

With that as an introduction, it’s time to watch something inspirational.

I had a look back through some of the content I have written. A lot of the early stuff is fodder now. Much of it off what is now the central topic here, on this site. Is it still a blog? It doesn’t handle advertising but rather, partners with amazing brands. It has an average of around 25 000 unique readers per month. On a global scale, that is tiny. But it means there are 25 000 people just like me out there, who want to be inspired, who want to push the limits and who want to know who they really are.

Who are you?

That is the topic for this, my 1000th post. In 999 articles, have I discovered the answer to that question? The answer is a resounding NO and I hope that the learning process will continue with each adventure, each lightbulb moment and every post I put out. Sure, I am a much better person than I was when I started this blog in 2008. I have been to amazing places, raced amazing races and most importantly, learned about myself and who I am, what makes me happy and what I needed to cut out of my life to make sure that happiness stayed and wasn’t just a passing moment.

So what have I learned in 4 years?

That learning never stops, exploring always continued and adventure is a constant. That love will find you when you least expect it, that integrity is the basis of all opportunity and that you are not yet done with your potential. There is always more.

Hardness has its roots in domination — softness (or being open) is rooted in acceptance. In what mode would you expect to make the best decisions?

It takes a surprising amount of specific training to become conscious enough to think clearly while acknowledging these fears. I am talking about work training, sports training, nutrition training, recovery training, friendship training, love training and life training. Balance requires many hours of practise. How much are you training all the areas of your life and not just the body?

On that note, I am done. If you have enjoyed my writing, thank you for being an audience I never knew I had.

Assume Nothing, Pursue Everything.

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