June 19, 2012

Time to breathe

Dare I say it, but a pause has arrived. The three projects that have consumed my work life for the past 6 months are spat and polished and ready for the market, one already live for a few days, and it has presented me with a decent moment here to pause and take a breather, get back on top of my personal admin (like entering races, setting a program and getting on top of my personal time) and yes, blog a little more. Work hangover is about to hit and I am looking forward it it, as it will mean immersing myself in new projects and new ideas.

I have said that I learned a lot racing this year, training this year and without a doubt, I learned the most in my work environment. Working with corporates and dealing with the hierarchies within a massive corporate has taught me more about myself than possibly anything else has, ever. Patience, acceptance and learning to work within the confines of a space where even mild chaos is frowned upon, has been a challenge. Corporate structures are immensely impressive. As a small company, we weave our way in and out of their structures and adopt the bits we have to in order to make the project a success. I like a bit of chaos. Why else would I put myself into situations that are tough to get out of like being stuck in the middle of the Karoo without water with no car and 4 other dodgy guys for company?

Either way, three world class products are about to come out of New Media Labs, because we work incredibly well as a team. We delegate, we support and we take responsibility for the project as a team. On top of that, we have two internal projects running, very near completion, and just last night, we won an international award for a project we worked on recently.

But now, for me, for just a few days, it is time to breathe. Time to write, to create and to be flirty with my future again.

I am very excited for these few days. It means getting back to regular scheduled programming, planning adventures and being good about getting outside more regularly, being good at eating superbly and sleeping the best hours I can. I am very excited.

In the cycling class I give every Thursday morning I remind the guys and girls to breathe and breathe properly. It’s a vital skill to learn, to master and to keep practising. I’m about to rock that party breathing like my life depended on it.

Come with me.

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This is a really inlenligett way to answer the question.


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