June 26, 2012

Tour de France Fantasy League 2012

It’s here. Last year we had 90 guys vying for a set of Oakley eyewear, kit and other odds and ends. The odds and ends went missing somewhere and a racoon is still suspected, so this year we are going with 3 big prizes and that is all. Stage prizes this year are out, it’s just too complicated.

What you need to do is head here: CLICK

Register and then look for my league…

The Urban Ninja league is best searched for by using the League Code, which is 17570250889926. Search under the My Leagues Tab.

Submit your team, be a part of the vibe and the banter. Tell your mates, tell your family and tell everyone possible because here are the prizes:

FIRST PRIZE: Oakley Custom eyewear. Details to be confirmed.

SECOND PRIZE: Puma FAAS shoes. Your size, your running style, my treat. #BOOM

THIRD PRIZE: Team Pure Planet Racing Hoodie & T-shirt.

I may be kind enough to hand out some random prizes. But let’s leave that for when we hit milestones, so over 100 people, etc. HELP ME HELP YOU!

Due to toight regulations on the Consumer Protection Act, this is not a competition but a giveaway to the three most awesome performances over the three weeks on a points level, blah blah blah. I can’t for now tell you what ever prize is worth due to the same reasons, but let’s just leave it at MANY Zim dollars and that the prize is as awesome as 10 Tony the Tank Fire Trucks. 10 my friends, 10 fire trucks.

Join the league, have some fun and let’s all get together for beers and a bike ride afterwards, capeesh?

Make sure you read the RULES, or else you’ll be left pulling out your hair. You can change riders at different times, for maximum points, etc. Make sure you are following DEEP SECTION for daily banter around the Tour. Viva le Tour! Viva Oakley! Viva Puma!

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