July 11, 2012

Do something that matters

Who is that guy? Ken Block – founder of DC Shoes, and probably over 100 000 000 views on Youtube, professional rally driver and oh yes, just all round nice guy. Read more here about him.

So what’s the point?

Do something that matters. I am not saying do as much as Ken Block, but do something that’s important to you – not because of the money you are rewarded with, but because it fills the void that exists and perpetuates. Do simple things that fill you. Like shortgrain brown rice. Simple, delicious and fills the gap monumentally well.

Don’t do it for anyone else, do it for yourself. I wrote The Simple Manifesto a few weeks ago and I keep going back to it. Doing something that matters extends from this. Find the item that inspires you and fills you that matches most of the list there and do that, to keep it simple.

It may not be the primary thing you do, as a job, or a hobby, but do it because we all need a little something that matters.

Now share this and let’s build a little army of people doing things that matter.

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