July 24, 2012

The Simple Life

I was having a chat with Chad today and as is the norm when I meet people – they ask me how I fit everything in.

How do you get it all done?

I am continuously striving for the simple life. This means de-cluttering. I spoke about that in the last post and I am currently in the process of another clean – 2 black bags of stuff going to the kids at Songo – and have taken photos of 50 items in my house I am going to sell, with some benefit to others. Today I am going to try and talk about the other items which create the dream I am after – the Simple Life.

Here are some things that help me fit it all in.

– Sleep 8 hours a night, as your highest priority.

– De-clutter every 6 months. Be ruthless.

– Cut the applications and platforms you are not using. Kill Facebook on every appliance you own and leave it for internet access only.

– Turn off notifications. Who cares if someone liked a post you put up. Kill your notifications. If its important, people will call you. If they don’t, they need to learn to.

– Filter your email. Unsubscribe from all your newsletters and filter only what you really need into an RSS reader.

– Use tools like Podio & Trello to organise your tasks into a central area.

– Buy local, ethical products. Search for local, organic foods that get delivered to you once a week. Shop for ethical meats at a butchery and visit the owner, getting to know him, so that he gets to know what you like. This will mean less trips to malls, shopping centers and a more relaxed approach to food. It will mean you have to try new foods, and your kitchen should be an area of love.

– Cut the junk mileage out of your training. You know which ones.

– Cut the TV. In our house, we watch one or two specific shows per week, which we enjoy. For the rest of our available time, we play games, talk about trips we want to take and things going on in our lives. We are proactive about our relationship, talking about things that are important to us while the other half really listens.

– Cut the junk food. This means wheat and sugar as a primary. I am not perfect in this regard, but I go as far as I can. We all fail. Start small by cutting out white and brown bread, sugar in your coffee and avoiding pizza and pasta. There is amazing food out there.

– Drink good wine. This is a personal favourite. It makes me happy to drink a beautiful, elegant, simple glass of wine at the end of the day. It’s a journey in its own, teaches me how to appreciate nuances, smells and tastes that combine with the food we eat.

– Have amazing friends. It’s your choice who you befriend. If your friend are not amazing, your life will be complicated. They will sap your energy instead of building you up. I have a core group of friends who make me a better person just by being around them. They exemplify everything I am striving for. They inspire me every day.

– Keep your wardrobe simple. Essential items that make a difference. Things that tell people about you, not about who you are trying to be. Making an effort is important and your clothing should not be the place you are skimping. I am not talking about expensive gear, but about having the essentials around that take the hassle out of deciding what to wear in the morning, but that leave people thinking you take care of yourself.


Those are some simple ways to keep it simple. I have time because I make time.

What’s your excuse?

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