July 27, 2012

Stop thinking.

Rapha Continental Alberta, Canada with Alex Stieda from RAPHA on Vimeo.

This video was the best I saw this week. It reminded me of my best days on the bike, which were about riding a bike. It seems so simple. Yet most of us miss that point completely. We ride our bikes to get away, to push, to achieve. Yet riding for riding’s simple pleasure should be the thing that drives us most. The joy of movement, of getting somewhere on your own power on the noblest machine should be enough for you.

But for most of us, we never get to that point.

Pedal your bike because you can, because you want to. Leave the powermeter at home, the heart rate monitor in your back pocket and keep the music at home for a few rides.

Feel the power that you are putting into your pedals.

Feel how your skin moves and feels, how the hair touches the wind and how the little nuances can make the biggest differences.

Stop thinking.


Ride without a plan, without a route in mind.

Without a time frame.

You’ll get back home when you get there.


Now go…

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