July 30, 2012

The Conscious Athlete Manifesto

For a while we have been constructing this thing in the background. I am a big an of the Holstee manifesto. I used it as a base for the Pure Planet Racing Manifesto – which we are now happy to release to the market. I want to build an army of conscious athletes.

In my home, we recycle everything possible. This reduced what goes in a landfill by roughly 60 big plastic bags a year. It seems petty until we build a little army of say, a thousand athletes who sign this manifesto. 60 000 black bags in a pile suddenly makes a huge change. The recycled material gets used in community projects, benefiting others.

When you go to races, look at the sheer amount of cars that arrive. How many guys are arriving in a big car alone? I want to champion carpooling to training as well as to races for the following reasons:

– It’s cool, bro.
– It’s social.
– It’s good for the environment.
– It means there is a designated driver who drops you at home afterwards, should you decide to take a beer or two along for post-race carbohydrate replacement.
– It’s an opportunity to do less, catch up with mates and banter in the car.

Then lastly, I want to talk about the guys who throw their gel packets, energy bar wrappers and tubes into the grass when training and racing. Those guys / girls tweak my noggin, proper. That plastic remains there FOREVER. If you see someone doing that, I urge you to go Gordon Ramsay on them until they pick up said litter. If you come across litter training – be a star and pick it up, put it in your pocket and take it home to put in your recycling.

Recycling is easy. 2 bins, one to the recycling hub (in clear plastic bag rather than a black bag and wash your recycled plastic / glass before putting it in the bin) and the rest to the municipal bin, unless you want to go all the way and get a worm farm for your natural waste.

Carpooling is lank easy. It requires a little bit of co-ordination, but its possible, plausible and playable on most occasions. Pitch in together and get a bike rack. Put a message our on Facebook / Twitter that you are heading out to a race and see if someone wants to join you. People are inherently good and you’ll be amazed at the responses.

There are two ways to sign up. One and easiest is to fill out the form here:

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The other is to download it by CLICKING HERE.

Print it out, sign it, scan it and EMAIL IT TO ME HERE. You can also fax it to 086 599 4609 if you please.

I will put it up on Pure Planet Racing and check up on how you are doing with your recycling, carpooling and eradicating the litter bugs of the sports world.

You are a part of the solution. Commit to the cause.

Oh…and don’t be scared to share this. In fact, bring me 10 of these and I will buy you a beer / wine or coffee and we can solve the world’s problems, together.

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