August 13, 2012

Be Fascinating

» POWER: Taking command

» PASSION: Attracting with emotion

» MYSTIQUE: Provoking curiosity

» PRESTIGE: Earning respect

» ALARM: Prompting immediate action

» REBELLION: Changing the game

» TRUST: Building loyalty

Those are the seven types of fascination. They are very important in the work place, in finding a mate (ie. someone who will put up with you on a day to day basis for an extended period of time – much tougher if you`re a lycra-toting tofu-eating ironman athlete) and in finding your complete inner peace. We are all fascinating in some way. The trick is to learn to be a little more fascinating and perhaps in a few different ways. Be captivating, be powerful, passionate, mysterious, prestigious, alarming, rebellious and trustworthy. Or at least, be a combination of the ones you admire most in other people.

A short, concise post today. If you`ve ever been fascinated by something or someone, you’ll realise the importance of what I am talking about here.

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