August 16, 2012

The Beauty of the Irrational from The African Attachment on Vimeo.

Crikey that touches me in my special place.

I want some of that adventure. DAMNIT! If this clip does not inspire you to do something real, something true to the core of your deepest internal truth, then I don’t want to know you. If this doesn’t touch a chord with you and make your heart sing with the longing for adventure, I would risk to say we will never be close friends.

I have dealt with the fact that my life will be filled with supposedly crazy adventures. They are not crazy. They are an essential part of curiosity. Curiosity turns the passive mind into an active one, it opens your mind new new ideas, makes your observant, excited and more than anything, it furthers growth.

My biggest gains in understanding myself and the world have come on the last 3 Epic Unsupported Tours. Co-incidence? Not a chance. Those are times when I have to overcome, understand, compromise, push, practise patience and calmness in ways I never thought possible. You learn quickly whether you are a flight or fight person when put in conditions like that.

But now we have the route down, understand what each day takes and the body prepares, so we are expanding our curiosity again into new areas. I have two trips mapped out already – one is 4 days, one is 8, and then there is the 10 day exploration of the Dolomites we are putting together too. Curiosity fuels every part of this. It fuels the origin of Pure Planet Racing in seeing how much we can save the trails, and indeed, the planet. It fuels the Ironman story and seeing how far we can push the body in one day.

It’s origins are in curiosity. Some kids build the same sand castle every day. I built new ones, played with different materials and always tried to see how much force they could withstand before they collapsed.

Curiosity. Get yours going, and let it bubble over into the best parts of your life. Go on and explore my friends, with boundless enthusiasm and borderless kindness. Go now…

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