August 30, 2012

Repeat after me

I spend a lot of time around extreme people.

Triathletes, mountain runners, crossfit freaks, fund managers, entrepreneurs. I have found myself here because I am seeking the most out of the short life we have here. Choices create your audience.

Mine don’t do things in half measure.

At times, I find it exhausting coming up with something inspirational to write here. Being the person that is always positive, amazing at sports, successful at his job, with the beautiful girlfriend, the incredible family & the bright outlook on the future requires masses of:
– Time
– Energy
It’s the application of the combination of those that brings us to success. Time and pressure. But sometimes, I just want to be tired or take the easy route, perhaps including a shortcut. That is generally when I have to kick myself in the ass and remind myself that I am the sum of all my choices. I repeat the following things to myself and then…then we return to being awesome.
– I will not fall to the belief that mediocre is alright. It is not.
– I will poke my head out and be heard, be seen and be bold. I will enjoy the opportunity to change people’s lives for the better.
– I will try new things for the smallest gains, because economy is my consistent movement.
– I will fail, time and time again, and be willing to fail, because he, who cannot fail, cannot win.
– I will communicate clearly, delegate with trust, give freely and practise kindness in every choice I make.
– I will eat as cleanly as possible, from ethical suppliers and preach the breakthroughs that this has brought to my life.
– I will recycle, carpool and continue to spread the news on leaving the smallest footprint possible on the earth that I enjoy so very much.
– I will explore, at times with reckless abandon, never giving in and never giving up on seeing more, experiencing more and always being up for adventure.
– I will push my limits, always. The ceiling is only as high as I can jump and with enough practise, I will jump higher.
– I will accept my journey to excellence as an ever moving challenge and never believe that I know it all.

What are the items you repeat to yourself? What motivates you? Drives you?


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