August 31, 2012

What if…

There is always the excuse factor. That “If only” thing. If your goal is pure winning, a tangible like that has a never-ending list of excuses. If you are shooting for excellence or your goal is the journey, suddenly you’ll find this a superb exercise to see how deep your excuse goes. Add a “then what” after your excuse, for example:

Excuse: If I had a lighter bike….

Then: I would climb faster.

Now take it down another level:

If I climbed faster…

Then: ???

If you goal is simply to hit a time or beat someone, you’ll find those are two never-ending lists. There will always be lighter bikes, faster guys and bigger hills to conquer.

Get into the process of moving your body, not the bike. Of getting into the moment of being out there, pushing your body up that hill, pushing and willing your mind to get there against yourself, not the other guy.

Approach the questions in your life this way, the excuses for non-progression.

You’ll quickly work out if your goals are excellence based, ie a never-moving journey where you’ll find constant joy in every session, or if you are setting yourself up for disappointing finish line after disappointing finish line.

The time when I moved goals to experience, to excellence and to learning was the time when my life switched fully, when I awoke to the process and the days when Urban Ninja was born.

Here are some great articles to think about this weekend.

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Have a superb weekend.

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