September 5, 2012


10 Things I have learned about Mountainbiking from Filme von Draussen on Vimeo.

Such a cool little video. 10 simple things which are a pleasure when it comes to being outside. I found a superb little note embedded within a larger infographic as well – it relates to shortcuts to success. How awesome is that? Shortcuts are a reality and there are some great ones which we should take note of. Let’s have a squiz at the 7 here:

How many of those habits ie. shortcuts are your nurturing in your life?

I have two coaches who I consult. I work with geniuses. I champion champions and kick mediocrity in the face. I cut clutter, obsessively. I practise, all day, every day. Urban Ninja is about teaching others. Who kicks my butt when I am falling off track – sponsors, friends, family, athletes and coaches. These 7 habits are not negotiable if you want to be successful – they are an integral part of what we are talking about when it comes to balance, excellence and success.

Are mine up to scratch? Partly, I would say. There is always room for improvement. That improvement is me, not those around me. It starts within.

Why? This is why…

You feel it all around you – this hyper connected world that we live in. It’s that unsustainable need to check your phone, have 23408735 apps that do nothing for you, really, except distract and the need to have 4000 friends on Facebook who you don’t like spending time with. None of those are shortcuts to greatness, I assure you.

Take a good look at those 7 elements in that poster up there. Make the changes.

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