September 20, 2012

Simple Pursuits

The pursuit of excellence & the sense of control (even though, deep down, I know it’s a myth to be fully in control) are two things that drive me, daily.

These are both achieved best, and simplest, with a well executed plan and the time available to make mistakes. Simple, really.

Plans are best laid out with others. There are smarter people around you. Use them. Pay them for their time, not just their services.

Then simplify, and make time.

Create the space to try, to make the mistake or at least have the space to make the mistake. Repeat.

Excellence is not achieved overnight. Your version and definition of excellence will adapt, will mould around the person you become. It’s a moving target, achievable in small chunks but never eaten whole. Adapt your peergroup, change your role models and surround yourself with the people you want to become. Clear your life, house and office of the things that hold you back.

Learn to disappoint others to be true to yourself.

Bite off chunks that are chewable, but require thought process to get down to the belly. (methaphor)

Write down what you are eating. List the ingredients. Count the byproducts, additives and preservatives. Read this book.

Put a heart rate cap of 180 minus your age to your training. Do 3000 hours of this. That is an engine. What you have is possibly an eggbeater.

Be kind.

Be kind…

Inspire others. Look at your Twitter timeline and ask yourself if you would be inspired by what you put out to the world.

Spend time with yourself.

Count your success as return on investment.

Consider your personal freedom as wealth.

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