September 25, 2012

Take it Easy

It’s the end of September and people are already going full steam into 2013. There is a lot of serious training and big plans being laid down for 2013. I thought the video could remind us to calm down a little – so much can happen between now and then. Sure, I am in planning for 2013 as well, but for me, I am trying to put together a plan with no goals. Errr… what the?

That’s right. There are no goals for next year. I have too many races on the calendar and a few experiences I am after too, that have no results. That doesn’t mean I won’t be out there, pushing the limits to failure in pursuit of the guys in front of me and in avoiding the guys chasing me. I will still try shred the legs off everyone out there, I assure you. But it’s secondary to putting together another stellar year.

My recent discovery of 45min trail runs over lunchtime got me thinking about this. I have absolutely loved them. They fit into the work schedule and I have a 10min out section, and from there I can take one of many options and get a little sort of accidentally on purpose lost out there for 25min or so, and take the last 10min home easy. Add the discovery of enjoying failure at gym and indeed, there seems to be a lot more experience based training going on. I want to keep pushing these limits until I have to enter a focused 16 week block before Challenge Roth in 2013.

After Roth, I am going to ride my road bike until the saddle is chafed through as I tackle the 100 col challenge in the Dolomites in September. What am I doing between July and September? Who knows at this point – certainly not me. I know there will be a lot of time chasing mountain tops in the Cape, but that’s about it. In 3 weeks, I am running The Otter, something totally out of my experience and comfort zone. I have no idea on results or what to expect. Yes, there are some dudes I want to run with – but that’s mainly because they are cool dudes. They like a few beers after the race.

What I am trying to get to is for those who are prepping for IM 2013 to think about taking it a little easier now. Your IM training tweets are worrying. You`re tweeting too hard. This is the time to be having the extra beer, taking the ride at a moderate pace and making sure the wife is happy.

The time to fly will come, but right now, we need to be considering our awesome factor and making sure we still have friends, family and non-IM branded clothes left by April 2013. Keep the compression socks off in training for now, especially when you are riding the bike. If you`re the guy running on the Promenade in Cape Town in a tri suit – please – let me buy you a coffee and explain the damage you are doing to our beloved sport. Arm warmers and sleeveless cycling shirts are also a no-go area.

Aero helmets in group rides are another item frowned upon, by the entire world. Including your wife. Especially when you wear it backwards to bed and think it’s sexy.

You will survive until January without the brick workouts, unless you`re prepping for Kona right now. Save your energy and eat that bacon.

Take it easy out there. Its 25 September, not 25 March.

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