October 2, 2012

Introducing: Free From

It’s no secret – I love good, clean food. It’s also no secret that my amazing better half loves to cook and bake more than I love food. Not only that, but she is passionate about clean food. When I initially came home from travelling with Prof Noakes and proclaimed that I wanted to try Paleo, she was anti the idea.

Then she read a book called It Starts With Food and our food journey began. She wanted to make “clean” foods – I am not talking only wheat or gluten free or paleo-friendly, but she got passionate about the oils we use to cook and she takes butter and turns it into Ghee so that its even more pure before we fry our eggs in there.

Our journey included a few fun moments and a few mishaps for sure, but in the end, we are healthier and the difference is visible not only in our skin, our nails and our hair, but in our sleeping patterns, lack of cravings and simple joy of easy food.

Let’s debunk the myths here:

– We eat meat. But we source ethical meat.
– We avoid legumes, dairy and sugar.
– We avoid what’s called supernormal stimuli. Google that sucker.
– Eating this way takes time to prepare your meals. It costs a little more.
– Eating this way requires planning.

And so, oneday, Dale came up with the idea that we should sell products that are for people like us. Free from stuffs. Whether it be preservatives, additives, wheat, sugar, whatever really – focused products that cater for people with allergies, intolerances (like her) and people who just want to eat healthy and ethically (like me).

She came up with various muesli recipes, which I all lovingly scoffed down during Ironman training. We ended up with two muesli’s we thought were superb and slowly started making some. Now you can buy them. She then moved onto doing spreads like mayonnaise that’s free from additives and preservatives (yucky stuff) and salsa that’s just freaking awesome (and free from preservatives and additives).

Now some of the products are ready for consumption by the masses. You can move on over to our website at where you will find recipes, stuff to buy and thought-driven pieces on ethical living.

Yes, the site is not perfect. Neither are you, so if you find a problem, mail us directly – the contact page works a charm! Right now we are focused on Cape Town deliveries and will perhaps grow beyond, once Dale’s super secret Paleo-meals hit the shelves in due course. These are ready-made meals that are ethical, clean and cost-effective for busy people (like me).

Here is the About stuff:

How did a beautiful kitchen wizard and her outdoor endurance nut start a food brand? He has the appetite of a small town and she loves to feed him but more specifically, she loves to make sure that he is getting the best food.

Food goes beyond the common belief of what’s “healthy”. We are both obsessive about food being digested with as little energy as possible. We are both firmly of the belief that eating ethically when it comes to where we source our meat. We believe in eating seasonal fruit and veg. We believe in less packaging, less plastic and more laughter with friends over a real meal and a bottle of fabulous wine.

Dale is allergic to wheat and Raoul is fairly intolerant to mediocrity, so together, we thought it best to bring a range of foods to the world that were of the best quality, but that also cater for specific “qualities” people have such as:

= Wheat allergies
= Gluten allergies
= Dairy allergies

We also thought to bring out foods which were free of allergens, additives and some sugar free products for those who are serious about controlling blood-sugar levels. Yes, it meant that our foods would not last on the shelf quite like other ranges, but the knowledge that you are eating something real, without the anti-caking agents or preservatives means a longer, happier life and that is our biggest goal with this – a bigger, better, healthier, happier life for you.

Come play with us and keep up to date with what Dale is cooking in the kitchen on our blog and follow Raoul’s journey into the world of ethical foods in the Ethical section of our website.

Thank you for visiting and please drop us a note if you are unsure of anything via the contact page.

Dale & Raoul


That’s it really – so please go have a look and shout with suggestions.

Thank you! For more information check out the Facebook page or follow Dale on Twitter.

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