October 5, 2012

Lessons in illness

It has surely been an interesting week. First anti-biotics in 5 years, recovery from an epic Single Speed World Championships and the associated thought patterns that come from it. I am not a fan of being sick and I am quite proud of being healthy at all times. So when I get sick, I am not much fun to be around. Here are some of the thoughts that have come from this bout of sickness – maybe there is something in there for you:

– Doctors have prescribed the same medicine to me for the last 15 years. Augmentin 1g – twice a day. Courses vary from 4-7 days, but always FINISH THE COURSE. I feel this is a con.
– Switching to eating ethically / paleo(ish) has meant that although I was suffering with a bigger infection than I can remember ever having (sore ears, throat, sinuses, teeth, lower back, etc) I never felt I had anything resembling The Man Flu. I have no idea if it’s because I am eating clean, but my recovery seems to be faster than ever before.
– This time I know that not training for a few days so close to be a big race (Otter is next weekend) I am not losing fitness.
– I have a plan to counter the anti-biotics next week. Thank goodness for natural doctors. I will share this with you at another time, but it worked a treat for me between Cape Epic and Ironman in 2010, when I had 7 stiches in my hand and a massive infection running through my veins.
– I am quite horrible at lying around all day. It’s just not in my nature to sit idly and watch the day go by.
– Cravings for sugar are increased dramatically, the longer you lie around and do nothing. Pretty sure that means it’s all mental.
– After two days of doing nothing, your muscles ache, in a deep way. I had to get on the foam roller this morning just to feel like I could walk normally.

Just some Friday things I am sure you have all been through on a week where illness was the norm and training was a distant memory. Let’s hope the weekend clears our minds, our bodies and remember – now is the time to be outside, to stop and enjoy the sights, the smells and the movement of your body.

I will leave you with some images from SSWC a week ago – this was a superb experience – something I hope to repeat again in my life. Much of the evenings are a little blurry, but what a fun event.

I also did some portraits of some of the cool people there. Check these out:

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