October 17, 2012

Challenge Accepted: Homebrewing

Something a little different today. You all know I love the beer.

It’s no secret.

It was with perfect timing that the newly hipster-branded Cape Town Festival of Beer contacted me. They wanted me to make beer, at home. This sounded like a plan because:

– I love beer.
– I love making stuff.
– They were supplying the kit and I love schwag.

So the day I was leaving for The Otter, I received one of these kits but had to leave it for when I got back to get started.

The process was pretty easy once you got the order of things going. Local company The Keg King even do some cool refill packs, so I will be doing this again and seeing if I can make the perfect Witbier for summer.

It took me about 20-30min to clean the plastic bottle, add the dextrose, mix the malt in and get it all sealed up properly. To my utter suprise, I woke the next morning to the sound of a fish tank in my house. Le beer was bubblin. So far its slowed down & I have managed to keep the temperature constant. The easy part is done and next week we move onto bottling, which is a little more complex.

Essentially though, the vibe is to make the best beer, because here is a list of cool prizes for the winner:

• Title of Blogger Brew Master 2012 – You all know how much I love titles (end/sarcasm/)
• Announcement of winner at the Cape Town Festival of Beer (more sarcasm)
• Your own beer/blogger stand at next year’s festival (should you want one – it will be run for you) – I would want one, and it would serve bacon & beer.
• Entry for 10 to the Festival Of Beer, as well as a table for ten, including a draught tap and keg of Carling Black Label. – Again – this sounds promising as I have at least 7 friends in the world and I am pretty sure they would clean out a keg.
• 10 Cape Town Festival of Beer mugs – WOOHOO!
• Social media endorsement through CTFOB – Score!
• 5 brew packs to continue to perfect your beer – and this, my friends is the actual reason for me making the beer and wanting to win – so that I can make more beer.
• 10 complimentary tickets for the Newlands Brewery Tour – I am sure my 7 friends would like to steal something from SAB.
• A day with a brewer – so you can perfect your beer further. – Maybe we can start with a trail run and a ride to Chappies first as a skillset swop?

Lekker. I will keep you posted how this goes. So far it seems I am in for a rude awakening at home point.

Lastly – will you be one of my 7 friends?

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