October 24, 2012

Moonshine Bottled

As you know, I am competing against some other bloggers in a brew-off (which is different to a bru-off, which happens only on the Durbsbythesea beach front) to make the best “kit” beer. I say a kit because really, the process was so easy and so simple I would hate to think any of the other bloggers would call themselves a brewmaster.

I mixed the ingredients together, let it stand for a week, measured the stuff that needed to me measured, added stuff for 2 days, and bottled it last night.

It smelled like beer, and hopefully the carbonation drops will make it fizz like beer. If not, its not the end of the world.

Now we let it lie for two weeks, and apply all the hope we can. For now, the mud water that smells like beer has yet to invoke confidence on me, but who knows, hopefully it will come right.

The items necessary for bottling. Not rocket science.

Applying the caps with little tool proved to be easy and reliable.

My Moonshine, bottled and now going through a settling process, hopefully.

I have enjoyed the process immensely, from the overnight bubbling to reading about adding other flavors (which I avoided totally) to playing a little last night with two batches – one with a little more sugar and carbonation than the other.

It should be interesting to see how the beer develops and in the interim I have given the remaining bits of the kit to someone in my office so that they can make their own beer too. Sharing is caring.

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