October 29, 2012

Quiet time

It has been a few weeks of being quiet and getting the grunt work done, I tell you. I have not been writing as much, but have been back in the pool, writing 2013 proposals and getting the next phase of life set up. It is the time of the year when people are stressed out and wishing for December, when there are a full 50 days to go until we have holidays.

50 days is a life time for some people, never forget that. I just saw a tweet that made me realise I wanted to write something about it, so here we are, and here is the tweet:

The quiet hound is my favorite and I assume Chad is talking about a dog here. Mom is in love with Bullmastiff hounds and I truly adore them for their quiet, graceful nature. They make me realise exactly what Chad is talking about here, and there is a big lesson in the short sentence he posted there.

The graceful, content hound chasing butterflies, ie having a ball of fun while being true to his nature, is the example I am trying to achieve in my life.

– Stick to the basics
– Pursue the most fun options
– Ignore the annoying little dogs who bark at you
– Be content/graceful
– Practice kindness

This time of the year reflects quiet nicely on that for me, and damnit, it’s come with hard work over winter after being very frazzled after racing season 2012.

Our best work is done when a great foundation is laid before we build the house on top. I preach 3 years, or 3000 hours of serious training to new athletes before talking about being fast. Fast is relative.

Injury free, healthy mind, healthy body and being conscious of the environment and people around you comes with a great foundation. The choice to commit to the foundation comes in quiet time. It’s too much to think about when it’s crazy.

So I urge you to seek out the quiet time.

Last week, I spent a week hunting switchbacks with friends. It was unusual and superb fun. My favorite few images are as follows:

A very Rapha-esque image, I had to hike through the fynbos with the camera to get the shot. Worth every scratch and cut.

Cruising with Andy in Newlands forest.

An unnamed road. A very stoked Marc.

Table Mountain as the background. One of the fastest trail runners in the country in the foreground.

My quiet time is coming to an end as the end of the year racing season kicks off next weekend with Wines2Whales, then Double Century and lastly, a little half ironman distance race in Namibia.

It’s been great. Thank you for your patience. From here on out, it’s full steam ahead.

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