November 12, 2012


Today, I am 33 years on the planet. It has taught me many lessons and continuously I strive to learn more. Without learning, we will never progress. Sometimes the learning comes from doing nothing, and other times it comes from doing everything.

In the last year, my biggest lesson is kindness. It comes with having to create acceptance, learning to listen and many more things which make us a better human being. Kindness is the greatest leveller of all. In the last year, I have learned that there is always time, that we should always give freely and that starting a movement starts with you.

Kindness comes in so many forms. For me, the last year has some marked examples of how life has improved, and in every aspect, there was kindness involved.

If I could practise one thing more regularly in 2013 it would be kindness. To colleagues, clients, friends, family, loves ones, animals, random strangers and you. Attempting to change the world requires kindness and if you haven’t figured it out, Urban Ninja, Pure Planet Racing and Free From are all about making the world a better place. These projects are important to me because I want to leave this place in a better state than when I arrived. I want to make a difference where possible, in the following ways:

– Encourage you to consider what you put in your body as fuel.
– Encourage you to think about the training you are putting your body through, from a long term perspective.
– Encourage you to look at your life as a whole, without the goals, but with a drive towards the most economical, holistic engine that considers more than just being fit.
– Encourage you to reduce your footprint on the world, by doing simple things like carpooling, recycling and cleaning the areas you love to train and race in.
– Encourage you to help others, by providing them with all the kindness you have.

If we had to take 5 words out of there, let them be:

– Consideration
– Thoughtfulness
– Hollistic
– Reduction
– Kindness

Take these five words with you. Apply them where possible. Help me make the world a better place.

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