November 16, 2012

Take it to the next level

It has been a while now that I have been thinking about what the next level means. You always hear people saying “take it to the next level” – that american drawl, possibly a fighter, or a sportman. Its a universally accepted tune and we sing it’s praise all around the world.

I have wanted to start a web store for Urban Ninja for over a year now. The challenge was to do it without diluting the content here, and without pushing product your way – which is not what Urban Ninja is about.

So how do I take it to the next level here, when e-commerce seems a part of the next level?

I friend and I sat pondering this a while ago. We were discussing our love for cycling and the beautiful images and stories that it presents to us. We discussed some of the amazing magazines, products and events that we wanted to race someday. The brands that personified that experience of cycling, at a time when positive tests, scandal and general lack of greatness was abound in Pro cycling.

I wanted to offer Urban Ninja kit, products and accessories in an easy way and the combination seemed to make sense. So we sat down and came up with a plan to talk about cycling and to talk about adventure and to do it in the simplest way. We also wanted to add a shop that sold some cool stuff.

We gave it a name based on a category of rider / racer, called Privateer.

We dubbed it “The Artisan Athlete” and we thought we best create a ride to make it legit. So one day, while out adventurisationing (it’s a real word) we came upon a superb piece of road that could possibly be ridden on a road bike. We are not 100% sure, but we reckon it’s possible. So tomorrow, we are hosting a ride up the hill.

The details are here.

We also got some other people to write us some stories about why they enjoyed running, or cycling. I have enough trouble keeping Urban Ninja fresh with content, so on Privateer you will not find much of my writing there. We are hoping to grow the list of features writers and we are also creating some superb “projects” whereby key athletes, privateer athletes, will use the platform to chronicle their journey for a specific event or experience.

We hope you enjoy the new site and look out for Urban Ninja gear in the near future. I am secretly undergoing a major change here in terms of look and feel and the gear reflects that, so I can’t show it just yet.

Have a great weekend and perhaps we’ll see one or two of you out there tomorrow. Congregation point is Frankie Fenner Meat Merchants at 11:15ish

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