November 21, 2012


Yes, it’s a real word.

So recently, we launched Privateer and one of the things which we champion is exploring. Our training can be 100% regimented, on target and hitting every metric, but we should still explore along the way. We should try the routes less travelled, and to coin the phrase, practise some Adventurisationeering. You’ll work out the details of what it stands for, but really, it’s about doing new things.

On Sunday, in the morning, I made some meals for our Free From clients while Dale was out at a course she has been doing all year. This meant I missed my long ride and it was something I wanted to get in with Double Century this week. By the time I got done with lunch, it was roughly 3:15pm and I still wanted to head out, but the weather was starting to turn and I thought it may be better to head out on the MTB for a bit of hiding from the open roads.

I packed the camera and got on the bike at 4pm. How long would I go? I had 3 hours in my mind, maybe 4 if the sun held out and the weather wasn’t too bad. It turned into a pretty radical adventure and I got some great pics until the sun set, by which time I was still 30km of tar riding from home with no lights. I had no route in mind when I started and let the paths take me to new areas and new roads.

I ended up through Table Mountain, Newlands Forest, Cecilia Forest, Tokai and into Silvermine before I knew it. I wanted to take the old Wagon Trail down to cut the ride short as I wanted to still get a pic or two on Chapmans Peak, but the fog was so dense in Silvermine that I missed the turn-off and ended up doing the big loop around the dam. When the fog cleared and the dam was visible, I had no idea where I was to be honest. I had to gather my bearings and make sure the next move was in the direction of home, so I opted for the safe route down the tar road I could just see and gave Dale a quick call once in Noordhoek to say I was going to be very late.

The ride in the dark was amazing. There was enough moon light on a route I know like the back of my hand. There was very little traffic and although I would never recommend it, I relished in the adventure that was unfolding in front of me.

92km later, at 8:42pm, I walked in the door a little frazzled but with a giant smile that stretched from my helmet to my cleats. I knew there were some cool pics on the camera and that I had not only got a great workout in, but also managed to try a new route, experience new sensations and feed my soul after a long week.

The urge to head out, adventurisationeer and explore should be nurtured. Trail running over winter taught me that there is no such thing as the wrong route. Sometimes, its just the route less travelled. Here are some of the pics I got on the route. It was a super, emotional evening out and I urge you to play outside the comfort zone.

Newlands Forest

Secret Jump Park & Single Track

A very empty Tokai single track.

Tokai, from Silvermine side.

Silvermine Dam. One of my most favourite places.

Here is the Strava Detail:

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