December 12, 2012

Building Stuff

As the year is drawing to an end, I am excited to look back at the year that has changed a lot for me. It was a year that was positive in almost every single way possible. Yes, I stubbed my toes a few times and yes, I am sure I pissed a few people off, but as Winston Churchill said:

You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.

If I look back at my life, sure, I have left some scars and there are people who I have disappointed, but those are all lessons, mistakes, and things that I had to improve upon, or move away from. Life goes on we forgive and if you are still harbouring a grudge against something I may have done years ago, it was indeed time for us to part ways.

To improve is to change. To be perfect, is to change often.

With these things in mind I am looking toward the future with open arms as opportunity rises around every corner. For me, building stuff rocks. If I am not building, I am bored. If I am not challenging my own ideas, I am stagnant. I want to improve everything, to make sure we do less, and get more. To move easier, to go faster, to feel better, live longer, laugh more and where we are all practising more integrity with our words, our actions and our thoughts.

Practise is the operative word here. More. Practise. We cannot just do perfectly. It takes risk – risk for mistakes. Risk for adversity. Risk for failure. Practise.

I look back at the year, conventions challenged, adversities faced and there are a number that stand out:

–          Getting on top of projects at work. We launched a ton of cool stuff at

–          Having the perfect race. 70.3 SA went as good as it’s ever going to get. I relished every moment.

–          Challenging food conventions. launched and it challenges many conventions. We ask you to eat fat, consider where your meat comes from and become conscious of every bite you take.

–          Creating a project of pure love. is pure love. Our vision is pure love for the sports of running and cycling. Our goals are simple: Get more awesome.

–          Spreading knowledge. I was able to help about 300% more people this year because of things like Training Peaks.

–          Building friendships that matter. They know who they are. Acquaintances who became close mates in 2012.

–          Starting a movement. really took off this year. Almost 400 Manifestos and a food garden later, we are looking towards the sky and admitting we could be jumping much higher.

In 2013, I am going to keep building. More things to make the world a better place. More ideas that challenge convention. More adventure. More running with my eyes closed and my arms wide down an open dusty road.

I am going to get back to blogging daily. We are going to expand topics to more interviews, more on building a life rather than a PB. There will be more writing about working the system for a quality life beyond retirement. There will be more writing on how to build things and how to keep building amazing things.

I am going to show you how I failed. I have failed many times and it’s time to share those mistakes.

Most people would be scared to tell you they made a mess of something. I have made a mess of relationships, friendships, work ventures, races, training sessions, fashion choices and yes, I have made a few messes which I look back on and totally cringe, but with a smile because here I am, a combination of all those things. Regardless of all those, I am surrounded by incredible people who buy into my vision of what the world could be.

This is me. This is how I build stuff. Thank you for believing.

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