January 8, 2013

2013 Moderation

This is going to be one of the greatest years mankind has ever seen. So best you lift your game. If the world fails to deliver on that, your game will be lifted among your peers and you will be a leader in your communities.

That is pretty cool.

So how do we lift the game best in 2013? How do we leap ahead and set the example for others to follow? What are the best ways to sneak ahead of the chasing pack? I come to you with one word for 2013:


It’s going to define your year. 2012 was hectique as a general consensus for others and this year looks to be no less busy or frenetic on all fronts. So here is how we cut back and give ourselves the space to do what we do best. We go moderate.

For a guy who hates mediocrity, we should not confuse the two words. When I say moderate, I am talking about refining your life by doing as little as possible in excess. Here are some examples:

– Live in walkable, commutable (by bike) communities. Ride your bike to work or walk to shops, restaurants or to the park to take your kids for a walk.

– Live in smaller spaces with less stuff in them. 1000m2 homes are a waste on every level.

– Do stuff that costs nothing or very little but has a big impact. Play in the park, go to the beach. Replace your lightbulbs and thermostats with energy-saving ones. Don’t wash half loads in the dishwasher. Skip the tumble drier entirely.

– Eat less meat. Yesterday, I read a meat manifesto that completely and utterly represents how I feel about meat. Click Click.

– Eat local, and seasonal. Skip the packaging where possible and visit a market, buy what looks amazing and smells amazing, not what’s packaged well.

– Kill the aircon. Open your windows or wear a sweater this year. Feel the freshness in your face and stop aiming for being “the perfect temperature”.

– Train as little as you have to in order to achieve your goals. This one counts especially to the Ironman and Cape Epic athletes out there. Learn to suffer a little more and spend the extra 5-10 hours a week with your loved ones.

– Trade, exchange and barter your way to better stuff. Skip the new assets whenever possible.

– Clear your cupboards of stuff. Clothes you don’t wear. Stuff you don’t use. Keep your guys’ stuff restricted to the Man Drawer.

My gran always said:

“Daar is net twee goeie te’s – te voet en te perd.”

Inspirational woman, she was. Those words will stick with me forever. I would like to imagine there isn’t a word in the English language that doesn’t have a negative connotation when we add the word “too” in front of it.

Too far
Too sour
Too expensive
Too little

In 2013, I want to take moderation to the next level so that it clears head space for the awesome stuff in my life that may seem like excess to others, like 150km solo rides through the winelands. I want to make a bigger difference, explore more and never be restricted to achieving my dreams because there is no space in my life. I want more than wiggle-room for thought process, dreaming and achieving.

In closing, I want to urge you to comment below and let me know how else I could be practising moderation or how you have found moderation to have added to your life.

Thank you.

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