February 15, 2013

Running on a high

This has been a week that has been filled with incredible challenges. It reminded me to look after myself first instead of keeping others happy as a primary concern – which is always a tough ask for a eldest child like me. I started in a new office this week to help revamp an existing area of a business that needs a gentle touch.

We also shipped out all our Pan Y Agua tees and took in two other orders of gear, worked on a new range of bike maintenance gear and had to clean up a few processes and instill credit card payments and international shipping on Privateer.

As I ran around on a high, I realised it was not sustainable. I knew, in every single step this week that this is not the pace that wins the race. But still, you push on, hoping the pace will reduce.

Just like the start of every running or bike race you go to, there are those who shoot out the gates like a rocket and fade quickly, leaving the strategists to take the honours at the line. Start for show, finish for dough.

This week, I was trying to slow things down, but alas, running on a high got the better of me. Just like every one of you, I am prone to mistakes. I hope the lessons this week carry forth into the future with some grace and integrity.

I did, however, write the best blog post of my life – but alas, I have to turn it into a workshop PRESENTATION (click here for more details on the workshop or to book a spot) before I can share it with you. It made me realise how I have changed in the last few years. It’s an exciting journey and I hope to keep improving this version of myself over the next two years.

Before I get too distracted…

I just wanted to reiterate that the finish for dough approach works much better. As I sit here, I am shaking my head with a little smile. I know this week is unsustainable. But still, it was fun to push the limits a little.

Be great…

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