March 21, 2013

Taking strides towards a better you

I talk about Strides with my athletes a lot. For them, they are 15 second bursts of perfect form, balance and speed during their runs. I find they help us teach ourselves to run with pride and teaches us to run smartly.

Strides are also a part of life.

With enough practices of small bursts of perfection, our average balance rises a little. Our goals move a little closer. We are driven towards our goals.

We dont have to be perfect all the time to get to our goals. Sustaining a good average with key moments of perfection will help us rise to the top of our potential as well. We are all human and we are not perfect.

Nobody is perfect. Aiming to be perfect is loaded with errors.

Aiming for the best version of yourself sounds like a superb notion to put in motion.

I am looking at the riders here at Cape Epic this week; so many of them aiming for the perfect week. It doesn’t exist. It’s about hitting the best average possible on all the stages and scrambling with gusto and speed (less haste) when the poop hits the fan.

It’s just one of those weeks where a lot comes to mind about how to approach things. I am missing out on quite a bit of key training this week, but my fatigue levels are super high already and its only thursday, so I have to admit that the body is doing a different kind of work. Hopefully it’ll pay off in a few week and if not, this run in to Ironman has been superbly smooth and without any sort of pressure.

As the week looks towards the weekend, with 3 more days of heavy racing to go, I have to look for the best place to take my strides to maximise the week. Today I ended up short on superb places to shoot and high on frustration. Not ideal but it is what it is and tomorrow, we strive to stride a little more.

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