April 2, 2013

The Ironman Taper

Let’s all take a moment to relax a little…

There has been plenty to be serious about in the last while. Heavy training loads, focus on economy / volume / recovery, heavy stress to prepare nutrition plans, race plans and how to resume with life plans after the big day next weekend. Weather considerations for equipment, watching videos to inspire you and reading every piece of literature that was ever written by any blogger, writer or person with a twitter account and finally, practising your rain dance.

All in the middle of doing the peak & taper thing as your energy levels and irritation levels return to the state where your wife / girlfriend / friends are thinking that they just wish the damn day would come and be over so their normal friend can return.

But there is hope…

The Ironman Taper does not have to be all this stress.

It can be #moreawesome as I wrote about recently. This is the time to control those beautiful energy surges that are coming and be mindful when the energy lows hit us like a freight train in our taper period.

Accept the following and you will have more peace around you:

– What’s done is done. You are not going to get more fit.
– Getting less fit and adding some speed in the next ten days is essential.
– Your niggles are not injuries.
– Delegate little things to those around you who want your trust and want to help you in some way for the big day.
– ARacing someone else on the day will bring nothing extra. Race yourself.
– There will be pain on race day. Nobody is going to get anywhere without some discomfort.
– You are already a hero. Now behave like one on race day & race with grace, with honour and to improve the day of those around you.

The taper is a immensely difficult period for all those around us.

Let’s try and put some panache into this period and ensure the run in to Ironman is enjoyable for all those around us.

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