April 8, 2013

Competition: GO BIKE & Sani2c

Anyone who has travelled to a major race with a bicycle knows the deal when it comes to events, bicycles & airlines:

– They always lose some bikes.
– They damage many of the others.
– You spend hours stressing over these two things.
– You sit at 1am in the morning before the race trying to work out how your disc brakes work, surfing internet forums on 2 bars of EDGE while your competitors sleep.

Really, this is how I imagine they transport bikes in general:

A few years ago, I forked out the first time for decent/proper bike transport. At first it seemed expensive. Then I got to the event and VOILA! my bike was assembled, serviced and ready to fly me to the coast the next day on some radical single track. One of those lightbulb moments as my partner sat fretting, waiting for his bike to arrive, then spending 3 hours building it, fixing it and using more profanity than a Quentin Tarrantino movie.

Sani2c is one of those events where bike transport should not be optional. You fly 2 hours to Durban, then drive 3 hours to Underberg. You arrive in the afternoon and its a proper stress to get everything sorted.

There is a new upstart on the bike transport market, called GO BIKE. Check out their site by clicking the link there. Recently, they got hold of me and said they wanted to give away a bike transport to one person (not team, just one of you) as part of their initial offering. They liked the Urban Ninja vibe and knew I had an audience of adventurous, awesome and sometimes saucy readers, but beyond all they know that people love a freebie.

Here is their vibe:

GO BIKE is a bike transport service operating out of Joburg and delivering your “trusty steed” to cycle events and triathlons around South Africa. Founded in 2012 by former Ironman triathletes, avid road cyclists and mountain biking legends, Matthew Hofmeyr, Greg Kockott and Andy Croly, our primary objective is to take the hack out of getting your bike to the finish line… and back again.

So, how does GO BIKE work?

Drop your bike off, as is, at the designated drop off point (usually a bike shop)
We pop it into a wheely strong box for you (nice hey)
We pack it wheely carefully into our trucks
You make your way to the event (plane, bird, ship or sea monster)
We’ll meet you at our wheely convenient collection spot… bike ready to roll (We’ll even have a wheely qualified technician on site to help you with any bike admin you might have)
You go and have a wheely good race now!
… and repeat, just backwards this time.
Wheely simple, hey?

Our super advanced air suspension (not those suspenders) trucks get your bike there and back super safely. Each truck has two drivers so one can take a nap while the other one keeps his eye on the road. And because we have super cool GPS tracking, we can keep an eye on them too. Don’t you hate it when your truck brakes down? We don’t… we just send a new one, wheely fast, to rescue your precious cargo and get it to your event on time.

That’s GO BIKE for you. Cool hey.


Its worth a whopping 900 ZAR and the competition is pretty simple:

Step 1: Like their Facebook Page here – GO BIKE SA

Step 2: Spread the love by mentioning them in a tweet using their account name – gobike_sa – and tuning them you love their vibe. Following them would seem the next obvious thing.

Step 3: Tell your riding buddies about their Sani2 offerings, but neglect to mention the competition. Up your chances of the win, you know…

Step 4: Stand by for the draw on 26 April 2013 to see if you are the #wennaar but you have to have liked their page on Facebook & giving them a shout-out on twitter doubles your entry chances. Lekker nê!

PS: If you’ve already booked a bike with GO Bike, they will refund your the entire value if you have followed the rules and are eligible for the competition, and obviously win it!


A big thank you to GO Bike for sponsoring a prize for Urban Ninja – about time I gave away some free stuff to my loyal readership again. If I find something lying around at home like a t-shirt or a puppy I will include it in the prize as well.

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