April 19, 2013

Joberg2c 2013 Introduction

Ironman is just done. Just. I can still feel the last lap in my legs.

But why Joberg2c? Why so soon!?!

It seems an odd race from the outside, especially as it falls 10 days after one of my A-Priority races, Ironman.

For a while, and in fact, since the inception of Joberg2c, I have wanted to race it. Sani2c happens to be one of my favorite races to do and Joberg2c incorporates another section of the country that I have wanted to race, that makes up the Berg & Bush race. Combine the two and add a few days and I am sold on the concept already. But there was more…

Pure Planet Racing has merged into Urban Ninja this year, with a more uniform concept and a single goal towards planting more food gardens like the one we are doing at Songo. The Joberg2c was a great opportunity to raise awareness around the gardens we are doing and the ease with which we can expand the concept.

PPR is aiming to raise funds over the Joberg2c to give to our continued commitment with the Songo charity towards building more food gardens there. This means leaving more than tire tracks or money behind, but creating an opportunity for skills to be passed down from one generation to another – skills that mean survival in tough times and skills which build on the community itself.

PPR has confirmed it would donate R10 000 to the communities along the area and our end goal would be to raise a total of R30 000 over the period of 10 days for the communities.

We are aiming to do this in the following ways:

1.  You can donate. Simple. Easy. Read up about and get involved as we teach the amazing kids there to grow their own food gardens. Donate any amount you want. Just get involved.

2.  You can buy a 16 week pre-built training program for your sport, your pace & your ability for R900 and the entire value is going to our gardens. I have ten on offer, and you can buy them for a friend as well. They include nutrition advise, strength training, detailed training program & advice on kit, race day strategies and more.

3.  We will have some goodies from associated sponsors to sell over the next few weeks. All proceeds go straight to our initiatives here.

So look out for these items in the coming two weeks and get involved. Change someone’s life forever with a small donation towards his or her future. Life is all about choices and giving someone the choice to go to school with a full tummy is something we have to take action on.

Go-Multi magazine have jumped in with us and we will be using their platform as well as ours to spread this message so make sure you check out their offerings and support them where you can. They have been immensely kind to us.

If you would like to get involved, please contact me here and let me know in which way you would like to get involved in the adventure.

The next post about Joberg2c will be about my intrepid partner, a man I am immensely excited to ride with as well as absolutely terrified to ride with.

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