April 22, 2013

Choosing a Joberg2c Partner

Choosing a partner for a 9 day stage race across the country is a bit like choosing the perfect pair of jeans. Do it right, and endless joy. Get the details wrong and its uncomfortable all flipping day.

I sat down and made a list for the perfect partner for Joberg2c. I wanted to narrow down the list considerably and as such, I pretty much excluded the entire universe apart from about 3 people:

–       Must have completed the Epic Unsupported Tour

–       Must speak a foreign language

–       Must have a penchant for drinking beer in the evenings

–       Must represent the old world gentleman

–       Must have had a dance-off in a white overall at Single Speed World Championships between the hours of 2 and 2:30am

I inputted (a real word) these characteristics into the Google machine and it threw out this:

Thankfully, the man sits opposite me in the office & joins me on my morning rides regularly.

What are the chances, right?

But truthfully, I am relieved. Joberg2c just turned into a 9 day skills clinic, intermittently interrupted by hills of suffering, drinking of beer & possibly, another dance-off.

To those in the world of mountain biking, he needs no introduction. To the triathlon junkies who read this – Nic is a top 20 Cape Epic ninja who thrives on adventure and has been causing havoc on the local summer league lately. Most famous for stealing 2 hours of TV time during the 2013 Cape Argus, he is also the co-founder of Privateer & is, as mentioned, a true gentleman.

Really, he is a top drawer bro.

What more could I ask for? He is more passionate about the Songo initiative than I am, which says a lot on its own & together, we are hoping to continue to make a difference to the world.

So follow him on Twitter, read his blog and throw your weight behind us as we look to out-fun the competition later this week.

This is my partner. Together, we roam.

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