April 25, 2013

The storm before the yawn

Travelling to races is an essential part of the recovery process to get ready for something as big and grueling as Joberg2c. A smooth sailing day from Cape Town to Joziberg is really the ideal goal.

I took my first important call at 8:07 this morning as I have products for clients still in customs after KLM bumped our shipment off a flight a week ago. Product needs to be in hands by 11am for a very carefully co-ordinated plan.

It’s 12 phonecalls later and 10:53 and everything is on track. The only thing left to do is get on an aeroplane, do some minor logistics for another client when we get to Joziberg and deliver products by 4:30pm.

It’s now 80minutes after we were supposed to take off. My carefully laid plan has gone to waste as I sit here without moving air in a stuffy plane and I just know there will be hell when we land.

My partner is typing up last minute biographies & important emails next to me, knowing very well that he will have to man up and be a part of the process a little later in getting logistics done before we can start to relax for the impending race start tomorrow.

This is not ideal.

Thankfully, tomorrow is a neutral day at Joberg2c and perhaps, we will be able to find some recovery before the racing kicks off on Saturday morning.

“Ladies & gentleman, we regret to announce we have had another delay.”

This is about to get messy. But then again, so will the race at some point, so I have to spin this into a positive and imagine the first ice cold beer that will be served later tonight, the laughter at dinner and the plans that will be conjured up to hit our new target for our trip in terms of raising money for these food gardens we love so much.

The race has not started an already we are over our original target thanks to some incredible donations and partnerships. Next, we will be reaching out to you to find a way to partake in our mission.

“Ladies & gentleman, we are closing the doors and readying for our departure.”

Time to rock ‘n roll.

Our shuttle has departed without us. Clearly, our flight is delayed beyond reason. We hop aboard the Gautrain to find an old friend sitting opposite us, gracefully offering a lift in his car from Sandton to Melrose Arch. By the time traffic gets us to Melrose Arch, the office where my stock is located in is closed and the lady has to come back from picking up her daughter to let us in.

For real yo!

The rest of the evening is a blur really until a giant Eisbein is laid down before me with a milk stout and sense seems to return.

Tomorrow, 119km of cycling across Gauteng into the Freestate. I am expecting it to be bitterly cold but a beautiful neutral stage where we find our sense of humor again and our legs, somewhere out there.

The storm before the yawn.

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