May 2, 2013

Joberg2c Day 7: Adventure

The viruses in the athlete village are running the show now. Our team has one very sick specimen and one barely hanging on to his health. Today, it called for a relaxing day as we want to finish and pushing for another day meant possibly missing the last two days.

So we donned out baggies to channel the inner Manuel Fumic and we were off at 8am this morning. Not surprisingly, our adrenaline got the better of us all the way to water point 1. Nic’s cassette lock ring came loose just before and it forced us to spend 15min at the water stop trying to fix it. It was also where sense prevailed and we decided to chill.

So we railed the single track and soft pedalled our way in to Mackenzie Club. Something had to be done to save the day where we both felt flat and one of us is struggling to even speak.

It was 82km of total fun today. The single track was insanely good and it was a fast ride throughout the day, even when we were taking it easy.

The athlete village is a war zone right now. I have never seen to many sick people and it seems the dust from the first few days is to blame as the majority of the illness is related to throat and chest infections. Breathing in dust at 90% of maximum heart rate for three days is just not conducive to staying healthy.

But its not all bad. I am currently sitting on the grass abusing free wifi and athletes are all around me, sleeping and resting for tomorrow’s famed 30km downhill into the mighty Umkomaas valley.

Let’s hope the gods of health return to us overnight and we have some vooma to give tomorrow.

Until then…

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