May 8, 2013

Reflections & Contortions

That deep haze that comes from a big effort is just the perfect place to reflect upon where you are and what you are doing. Joberg2c was perfect for this because I was pushed in so many ways while there. Physically, I rode out of my shell on one of the days and pedalled squares coming home. On another physical level, I got dreadfully sick and had to manage that and actually pushed myself to a point of breaking, thankfully stopping just before.

Mentally, I learned that sore legs are just sore legs and you can ignore them quite well with enough practise.

Emotionally, I learned to trust my own pacing and judgement again. Sometimes, the pack does not know best.

Technically, I benefitted immensely from watching the racing lines of an expert – my partner. I am looking forward to applying this new-found skill set to Sani2c in a week’s time.

All these things brought me to a pretty special place sometime on Saturday evening on a flight between Durban and Cape Town. Somewhere along the week a seed was planted and just there, it showed it’s first leaf. I watered it and it wanted to grow so beautifully that I couldn’t help but be lead down a path of creativity, inspiration and hope.

The idea was seeded with a manifesto that included words like integrity, trust, community, playfulness and simplicity. It expanded into excel sheets, rough drawings and a vision. In there somewhere is a business idea which is based on everything that drives me. Clarity ensued and everything seemed to make sense – the numbers, the ideas and even the collaborations that would come out of it.

“Ladies & Gentleman, we have begun out descent. Please switch off all electronic devices…”

Dreams followed and the following morning, I couldn’t shake this feeling. The days’ happenings merely served as confirmations that this was a good path to dream on, to reflect on and to contort the future with. A bounce in my step was visible even to own eyes as I gathered information about this venture. As steam built in the little engine.

Beautiful clarity that comes from fatigue when our only options are clear ones, when the fluff seems to fall away and we are left with fight and flight, yes or no.

Now the process to mould begins, to align the stars and build a sustainable way to bring this idea to light.

A very non-sporty post today, but it’s been a bit of a race report festival here, so in the coming weeks I wanted to talk about more about little lifestyle elements that bring another dimension to us, as athletes.

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