June 21, 2013


I am currently suffering from a little writers block. You’ll have witnessed this if you came back here regularly looking for fresh, new content.

If you look on Privateer, there is no new content from me either. Same problem.

It’s not that I am not out there in the amazing spaces that inspire me. Actually, its the contrary. I am back on the trails where I love it most. I am training myself into the ground to prep my diesel engine for Knysna Xterra which requires a bright, fast-twitch engine to be in contention after two very average showings at Xterra in the early parts of the year.

I have gnarly new gear to play with – new Craft kit, a new Trek Superfly 100 and new Salomon shoes to explore with. There are no excuses here that would be sufficient for my lack of information and inspiration here. And yet, there is no new content.

I am just blocked up and after 1200 odd articles written for this website, I am pondering a new direction for it because really, how much more can be said about:

– Nutrition
– Training techniques
– Life balance tips
– Inspirational stories

How do I take this to the next level where I am completely inspired to write every day again? Do the events I am racing in not inspire me to write every day and is the journey done for me?

All relevant and timeous questions to ask.

In terms of Ironman – yes, I believe I am done for a little while here. I had very little motivation to find that extra form this year and got through the race as unscathed as possible with as little training as possible. A 9:15 came out the bag and I likely had a sub 9 in the bag if I just trained a little harder and hurt myself a little more on race day. Would it have changed anything?

I current list of upcoming races would scare the life out of most people and yet, their results are unimportant to me. Facilitating the growth of this community and changing the world to be a better place seem higher up in the list of importance right now. Our food gardens, a training library resource and evolving this platform into something cleaner, slicker and simpler are what I am after at the moment.

Hence the lack of content. There is plenty going on in the background, but would you really want to hear about it?

I am not sure.

There are some really useful articles I could reference and list, but are they really going to inspire you to change? To manifest? To grow? More and more, I am looking towards self-starters, to those who learn and mould and grow almost organically as our relationships grow. Fascinating human beings and I am almost just the sides of the journey when it comes to their journeys – a little guidance here, an answer there. I coach an incredible bunch of athletes right now and my current list of close friends would make the world jealous because they are real people with real values and a real concern for the growth of those around them.


I dont believe there are any huge secrets to still let out the bag here that will revolutionise your training or your eating habits – they are all there if you just search for them either on Google or in the Search bar here.

While I work out where to take this next, remember that it’s simple, not easy:

– Eat clean. High fats, high proteins, high good clean carbs.
– Avoid sugars, wheat and dairy where possible. I am not saying 100% because I am not able to do that, but where possible.
– Sleep enough. You’ll know enough when you meet it.
– Train consistently.
– Build as big a base as you can for your aerobic engine. Bigger than you think you can.
– Have fun when racing, most of the time. Every now and again, go full caveman and don’t think about anything but the pain.
– Create something. Anything.
– Give freely. Dont skimp.
– Laugh more.
– Eat more bacon. Clean, pasture-reared bacon. Where the packet of ingredients says Bacon. Sodium Preservative (so you dont get botulism).
– Drink more good wine.
– Wander freely.

More than that I cannot teach. Go out there. Be more. Have a great weekend.

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