September 16, 2013

It’s all absolute rubbish, right?

Somewhere up a mountain, we were chatting about nutrition, about balance, about owning houses in opposite continents and what’s important and what not. Kristian and I share many things, many views and many beliefs. We confirm each other’s drive, but we call each other on where we differ.

You can then analyse it further and go to a conversation I had with Andy Gowans about bacterial levels in our systems versus DNA from birth to adulthood, about what changes we can make to our lives to live healthier lives.

Take it further and analyse the marketing rubbish we are fed all day every day about what should make us happy.

Extend your thought patterns and think about modern concepts of time, health, power, money and you can break it all down to be absolute rubbish.

In the end, whatever anyone else believes, is trying for or believes is a goal; you can easily break it down to being bullshit. Everything. Every. Single. Thing.

Then, take it a last step, and all around you, there are people who believe that everything you stand for, everything you fight for, believe in, work towards, live for and would upset others for, is bullshit.

So if happiness surrounding yourself with people who believe like you do, who strive for what you want, because they essentially believe in their vision and you are just justifying it?

So we work with people who make us feel better about ourselves or do you want to work with people who call you on your bullshit, because theirs is better?

If you aren’t head-butting in life with someone who has constructive opinions then perhaps you are filling your life with those who make you feel good, instead of those who make you think about stuff and possibly improve.

Every time you give an opinion, you have the choice to improve someone’s life, not justify your own beliefs. Giving that opinion requires listening before giving the advice because perhaps your advice would change based on what the other person has to say.

Call bullshit when you have a constructive opinion to give. Not when someone’s opinion differs from yours and makes you uncomfortable.

I have been quiet here for weeks now. I have had a big break. From many things but I have also been working really hard at some new things for a few months now. I am proud to be associated with Privateer, which looks amazing and provides great content.

I streamlined my coaching by cutting about 50% of the athletes I was working with. I had to prioritise work and work came first as my work at Craft has led to amazing new opportunities.

Soon, we will expand Craft with something new and there is a third project I am working on too. Urban Ninja was always about evolution and at the moment, the evolution is going on behind the scenes. The growth in the Ironman scene for me personally is done, but there are other stories to be told.

How to throw yourself in the deep end.

How to start something.

How to stop and close something when it’s not working, before it gets out of hand.

The interesting part is if this next evolution will be bullshit to you, or if it will fit your value systems and if I can still give you what you need, because in the end, Urban Ninja was always about giving people what they need, because they couldn’t work it out themselves.

I always tried to cut through the rubbish, stick to the basics and give advice that works not for me, but for a variety of people.

I could break down 1000 articles into one, quite easily and still you wouldn’t listen, instead going against the proven advice because human nature means doing your own thing.

I could write a 16 week training program that would give you a guaranteed PB at any discipline, but you would question it, skip sessions and not work on the most important parts i.e. recovery and nutrition. You’d surf forums and listen to advice out of books like Macca’s about 32 hour normal training weeks, buy a non-vented aero helmet and a disc wheel and forget to learn to pedal the damn bike. You’d try running on your toes in minimal shoes and you’d continuously wonder why the back ¼ of your races are marked with stomach problems.

You’d start too fast, finish too slow and miss your goals. You’d get sick, tired and stress the most important relationships around you, critical support pillars.

That’s because it’s all bullshit, right?

I’m attempting to take the same approach on all current projects. Listen, learn, make the least amount of mistakes, but give enough of a damn to risk it and make some. I am trying to surround myself with those who question by work, my beliefs, my actions and listen to what they have to offer. I am trying to forget the box, believe in myself and learn from the best.

With all that, maybe… just maybe… I have a shot at not surrounding myself with the bullshit that fuels our society. My dad calls it a vigorous debate. It leads to choices. It gives options.

Its immense, and this is the moment.

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