October 2, 2013

Eating for Life

It’s been a while since I posted about nutrition and this week has been quite a challenge emotionally as my mum, who is pre-diabetic, was also diagnosed with Hoshimotos Thyroiditis & Lipidemia. It’s not the diagnosis that brought this post about, but more around the eating instructions she received to counter this.

Dale & I have spent a lot of time researching the best way to eat for long term health. I have said before, its not a high performance way of eating, but instead a way to negate the long term genetic factors that will affect us if we are not careful and extend our ability to move well into our 70’s, 80’s etc. My family is riddled with diseases and has a history of depression too. I certainly don’t plan on getting any of those, but I need to be mindful all the time and what I eat has a big impact on my future, whether I like it or not and whether other people want to hear about it or not.

The proposed diet was filled with the following concerns for us:

– My mum is sedentary. She has an insulin-related condition and any sugar spikes of movement from ketosis affects her life in a negative way. Her proposed eating plan was filled with six servings of fruit or sugar per day. This is 6 spikes per day. Six times she will experience a spike and a drop. How is that improving her lifestyle if she feels rubbish at least six times per day?

– Dairy was listed as a food group. It was considered a substitute for protein. Both are ridiculous. In brief, milk proteins have a high potential to promote heart disease, cancer, allergies and other health problems. It has been linked to iron-deficiency anemia, cramps, atherosclerosis, ulcers, cataracts, colic, poor bone health, acne, asthma and heart attacks. It is designed to make young animals grow rapidly and to prime their immune systems and prevent disease by allowing hormones and other substances to enter their bloodstream. Milk is a lousy source of Vitamins and nutrients compared with fresh meats, seafood, fruits and vegetables.

– She was advised to cook with olive oil. High temperatures make olive oil rancid, producing free radicals. Why cook with a rancid product when you can cook with lard, coconut oil or ghee?

– She was advised to drink glasses of sugary fruit juice after a gentle bit of exercise to control her GI levels. Again, she will walk at most, and walking should not be enough for her to need a sugar spike and a loss of insulin control.

– She was advised to eat really starchy food for breakfast ie high insulin response foods. These included Future Life which you can read about here: click. They have recently changed their GMO policies because they got in such hot water about their labelling of foods. I don’t trust them and their product is filled with Soya beans, which are toxic when uncooked. The list of anti-nutrients in legumes, beans & soy includes: lectins, saponins, phytate, polyphenols such as tannins and isoflavones, protease inhibitors, raffinose oligosaccharides, cyanogentetic glycosides etc. Lectins promote leaky gut (make the gut permeable), one of the first steps in auto-immune diseases, they impair growth, alter immune function and cause inflammation. Saponins punch holes in membranes lining the exterior of cells and can rupture red blood cells.

– She was advised against eating good fats because of her cholesterol, like eggs. More and more research is emerging that confirms how poor a marker for health cholesterol measurements can be. Eating the way we do can only up your good cholesterol. You cannot pay attention to the total number and try to lower that by eliminating good fats because you will never address the balance of “good vs bad” cholesterol. Over and over Dale has read and shown me articles about the mistake of focusing on reducing overall cholesterol, missing essential fats from the diet and thereby throwing the balance even more in favour of the “bad” cholesterol. One of the only ways to address the ratio (besides exercise) is to consume more good fats – avocado, olives, cold pressed macadamia, olive, avocado oils, coconut oil, coconut cream, pastured animal fats – and completely eliminate “bad” fats: refined oils, seed oils.


All these things just don’t aid her conditions. They worsen them. But they are “convenience” items as they are probably not “that bad”, you know?

It made me wonder about how everything is acceptable, how lenient we are when it comes to “but its so nice”. That attitude, compounded over years, is what has made my mum sick. She has the genetic predisposition and years of eating “healthy” and “ok” have added up to being here.

I know she won’t mind me saying that and hope that I can help others to realise that eating for health is far more important than eating to be skinny, fast or fit. The new food rules are about health, as wealth. It’s about looking at your genetic predisposition and eating accordingly.

When I have that conversation with people, it blows their minds away and they cannot see the long-term effects simple choices they are making will have on their lives. I am guilty myself for being a glutton at times. Post Cent Cols Challenge I had a serious sugar craving because we were ingesting it in some way 5 or 6 times a day. My decision-making abilities around good food were thwarted and it’s taken me a full two weeks to get close to not craving those things which are essentially bad for me and will ruin my outlook on life.

The mind is a seriously powerful thing and the addictive substances, the unbeknown rancid foods we throw at it and the continuous marketing rubbish we face are adding up to a sick society. Quickly.

Reality checks come quickly and don’t really impact anymore because there are so many, but I hope that for one person this will ring a bell that causes change.

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