November 20, 2013

untitled etc

the global village is just that… a village.

every village has it’s idiot, it’s hero and it’s untouched beauty.

perhaps our idiot is the way we consume without consequence.

perhaps our hero is our ability to forgive.

perhaps our untouched beauty is our ability to move.


It is the time of the year for massive decluttering. Stuff gets sold. Follower lists get culled.

Cleansing the consumption, somehow. I am a consumer and I have to watch my consumption every day because I am fed 10 000 messages a day to consume more – be better looking – own this thing – be this person – buy this dream.

Once I get into the process, it becomes liberating and I enjoy it more and more until I have arrived at this new place where I own an “ideal” amount of stuff.

Which is utterly ridiculous in its own right, right? Until I own nothing I will always be cluttered, so perhaps I should just go for ultra-cluttered like so many out there?

Or do I shoot for economy – where I can own ‘x’ amount of things that allow me to save for my childrens future, for my dreams and for the life I am striving for? Do I de-clutter enough to fund my next project?

Where is the line where it all makes sense?

This time of the year is for reflection before hopefully, a break from reality. I was chatting with someone the other day about the three realities – public reality, personal reality and private reality and how they all vary for each person you will ever come into contact with.

A beautiful thing.

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Abstinence | Privateer
September 19, 2014 at 3:24 am

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