April 10, 2014

Rehidrat Tips 2014

As you know – I love Rehidrat. It’s the absolute cornerstone of my nutrition when it comes to hydration and recovering pre-and-post training and events.

For 2014, we have produced some training and racing tips with them – when I say ‘we’ – its the very good-looking and extremely fast Dan Hugo and myself. Me, for years of flogging my body to failure until I found Rehidrat in the Karoo somewhere, near death and looking for cellular signal and Dan for his cunning ability to find the best in himself. We are both loyal, hard-working Rehidrat ambassadors and I hope the tips will help you.

Our tips will range from basics in hydration to quite complex considerations for Hyponatremia and racing in the heat and cold. Rehidrat have really upped their game this year when it comes to their social media presence and it would be very cool if you could follow their endeavours online.

Follow them on Twitter HERE!

Here are some of the clips to pay attention to right now.

All the best out there in your training.

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