April 10, 2014

Something worth doing

For a while now, things have been so awesomely busy that I haven’t had a chance to stop and smell those damn roses in SUCH a long time. Between Craft, Privateer, Ellipsis (the thing we do not speak of but coming soon) and Urban Ninja, things have been busy. I stopped coaching towards the end of last year, to make space for more time, but it wasn’t enough.

So we stopped focusing on Privateer as heavily, as Marc had had a kid, Nic was starting a new career and I was focusing on mine. Still, not enough.

So I made peace with the fact that I couldn’t write here every day. I would try for something worthy, once every week, rather than just posting. Readership numbers fell. But I believe the core remains here – those who know what we are talking about here. This gave me a chance to focus on Twitter and Instagram where I see big growth. Reward.

There was also the fact that we got engaged in August last year, and married at the end of last month. In order to save money (weddings are pricey) we did all the organisation ourselves. This was totally worth doing as our wedding was very “us” and it was totally perfect.

But life always has a way of telling us to slow down. I fell no less than three times in early weeks of the year, meaning very little movement in the places I love so much. This, after taking 3 months to fix myself from years of niggles. Immensely frustrating period before Xterra Grabouw where it was touch and go if I would race at all, after missing Xterra Buffelspoort for the very same reasons.

I have had almost 4 weeks of no training as I got through honeymoon and wedding as the priority, and the period gave me time to think about why I like being outside so much – time to weigh up the habits and obsessions versus the wants and needs. In the end, I love being outside.

I love how my body feels when it moves efficiently – totally evident in the riding I am doing this week, which isn’t slow, but I feel like I am pedalling squares and going nowhere. That efficiency is gone, but after three rides there is hope. It’s only April and there is plenty racing to be done through winter and into the Spring – where we move through Sani2c, trail running season and into multi sport season again.

This brings me to the point of this blog post – doing things worth doing and cutting the clutter. A central theme here, but actually doing it is quite tough. It’s not been easy to tell athletes that I am done helping them. Tough admitting to mates that there isn’t time to run a content platform because I don’t have the time to write content and tough to not write more for you here.

But in the end, when I look at the year that still lies ahead, I know that as long as the first 3 months were, the next 9 are going to be incredible.

Exciting times and soon, a new look and feel here too. Focus around the content and sponsors – no more pages, no more drivel – just more good clean content that actually makes a difference in your lives.

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