June 11, 2014

The Game Before The Game

A beautiful piece, just before the world cup happens. Cannot believe it’s been 4 years since we had the world cup here, in South Africa.

The video got me thinking about my own game, before the game. At the moment, I am spending a lot of time improving basic flexibility and strength. I made some gains over the last 6 months after a year declining in ability to move, which led to an injury. This gave me some time to think about this game, before the game.

It turns out, movement is the game, before trail running, mountain biking or triathlon can happen.

It turns out, skills are the game, before the faster single track riding and running. This might mean skills courses, studying and reading up on all these things.

It turns out, the gear, is the game, before the game. I work with companies like Craft, Trek, Rehidrat Sport, Oakley & Garmin because they give me the best chance of getting to the game in one piece.


The game before the game. What a vibe.

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