June 18, 2014

This is your existence

I apologise in advance for those sensitive to foul language, but the video, all 15min of it, is worth the time. It’s important to me that you watch that, because if you don’t even bother to read this piece once you are done, then that is a success.

The message here is simple, and then I will flesh it out.

The most complex, amazing, incredible thing you will ever have, own, be a part of and experience is your life. Remember, you are going to die. What you do between now and then will define that amazing thing – your life.

I have just come back from 4 days out in the ‘wild’. We hopped on our bikes and rode out just to ride, to conquer distance and spend time together. It was simple. People said it was crazy, wild and yet, it felt normal and there was a freedom in just going there, pushing the limits and being in a place where no words counted, where there was no wifi, flat white or artisinal calf leather boots.

Over and over, I am reminded that I am to build my legacy. I have to trust something to do that and I am going with my gut on these things. I am living the life that I want to create and it better be ridiculously awesome because I am going to work my ass off to get that life. Your life success will not be determined by how long you live – it will be determined by the quality of the life you have lived.

I live a beautiful, crazy, busy, ridiculous life. I have a sexy, amazing wife. I have ridiculously awesome friends. I work in the environment of my passions. I have business opportunities around me that are amazing. I am fit and healthy. I travel internationally and locally, by bicycle, car, train and aeroplane. I drive a car, live in an apartment with the most amazing view and I have every toy I could want. My eyes are open, my lungs work and my body is strong. I create. I choose. I believe.

Love your life. Beautify your life.

If you had to die today, what would those around you say about you at your funeral? Would people be sad because you are gone, or would your passing inspire them to live lives greater than their current ones? Would you have died with fear of not paying a mortgage, dies with the fear of not having had the right job, the right car, the right clothes to fit in with a crowd?

We define ourselves far too often by our failures. They are just learnings. We attach far too much value to failure, disappointment and conflict. We take everything so personally and we are so defensive. I, myself, fall into this category. It’s something I have put reminders up to improve on. I have failed, but I would say that I have no failed enough, because I haven’t tried enough. I could be doing so much more.

You are the sum of every failure and every success, every choice and every moment you ever got through. That is you, as you sit there and read this. Each moment you can either build, from here, or you can choose to break down, from this very point in time.

Who do you choose to be? Your life might seem small, but you are the very center of it and it’s up to you how big you think, how big your choices become and even a small, powerful, meaningful life lived is better than one that ends with regret of not having done more that made you happy.

What are you going to do about your life, your dreams and your choices?

Do what inspires you. Find your purpose and create your life to reflect that. Not tomorrow, not the next day, but choice by choice, from this moment forward.

Thank you for listening. Here are some images from our trip, which gave me the headspace to think about these things.

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